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Writing is one thing, become a published Author is another, selling your book is always the struggle that most authors face. The reason why I am saying this is because I been there, done that. 

In April of 2005, I completed my first manuscript, I secured an Agent and my Agent secured a great publishing company. After review of my manuscript, I was invited to a sit down with my agent and the publishing company partners. Everything was going smoothly except for the fact that they did not like the name of my first Manuscript (“Booty Parlor) although they loved my writing. 

I was asked to change the title that did not directly have anything to do with the book. I had 14 business days to make that happen and at which time we were to meet again.

In late March of 2006, I was not certain of what title I would want for my book, then I realize I did not want to change the title. Well here it is, I had a reputable company ready to give me my break and I was being stubborn. After telling my girlfriends I will call you back, I will call you back, I will call you back. I realize, I had another book in me. In 14 business day I wrote another manuscript called it “Girlfriend’s Circle” and took it to the table with me. 

At the table, I pulled out the new manuscript and they were at liberty to give me time to review “Girlfriend’s Circle”, in a month we were to meet again if they were interested. When I got the phone call, my heart was joyous, I felt I finally had the break I been looking for. We got to the table, I was presented with my very first contract and I believe any Author would have been very excited to sign for it was the opportunity of a life time. But this Author reads EVERYTHING. 

I was very disappointed with a few clauses, nervous with the financial responsibilities that I may incur with the financial advancements and was uncertain if this was the right decision. Other well known Authors made this look very easy and seeing I was in the same company I did not want to take the risk. I asked for a few days to decide.  I used my few days to rethink what would be best for me.  In doing so, I weighed  my passion, with my strength,  my finances with my obligations, my wisdom with my knowledge and decided to decline on the offer. 

While making my decision, I had did my research, fine tune my knowledge, reached out to other sources and decided that I can self publish my own book. My level of marketing was not shy as I know sales and I know how to pull in clients. I became my own marketing agent. I partnered with the finest book printing company that provided quality work, and the rest became history. I birth and launched my company “Thomas Creations” May 1st 2006.

In the 10 years of existence with providing Author  services, publishing services, marketing services , speaking services, and youth services to myself as a client I sold over 7,100 books to date (05/04/16), Which during the course of 10 years we have taken on clients who were interested in different aspects of our company.

Over the years Thomas Creations was on the rise with our fund raising ideas by tying in and incorporating reading into all our events. Creating and producing not one but two shows, cable show “Author’s On the Rise”, and pitch show from the book Girlfriend’s Circle, the pitch show “Girlfriend’s Circle”. Thomas Creations wine and cheese parties and many more appearances that allowed our book sales to sky rocket. 

Our company is a literary agency that is unique and exclusively stands for bringing reading back to society.We have been awarded the “Governors Citation”, along with “Business woman recognitions and many other achievements awards.  We have partnered with a multitude of companies whose main focus is literary and that makes our company the “GO TO” company  that can provide writers, authors, speakers, youths, who are looking to build their strong foundation access to the  tools that is needed.  

Our goal for 2016-2017 is to implement programs that will allow Maryland students the opportunities to have fun while learning. To learn more visit our youth services section on our websilte. 

Hello my name is Feleshia R. Mahoney-Thomas , Thomas Creations business manager and CEO


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