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Publishing Services


Authors who have written their book is normally ready to bring it life. It is Thomas Creations job to bring your vision with our experience to life in a quality format.

Your book is unique, put it in the hands of the professionals that can offer the attention to your book you are looking for.

Our publishing team will walk you through the steps of our publishing company. We want you to have a good experience we will need to know your expectations, timelines, and budget. We are not a company where you have to purchase a huge quantity of books .Our printers print the number of books you are in need of and we will ship it to you directly.

  • After getting your book formatted and the printing begins , we will provide you with your ISBN & Barcode along with one (1) sample book for $125.00
  • In the event you are looking just to get a sample with your ISBN and barcode the cost is $25.00 (includes book formating does not include shipping) To add your ISBN & Barcode the fee will be $75.00

Reorder of your book will be as low as $10.00 per book(s) less than 150 pages including your already purchased bar code, ISBN number but does not include your shipping. For books more than 150 pages prices will be calculated and quote will be emailed.

The experience  our team offers is painless, easy and takes no time to prepare. All books royalties, rights and files belong to you. Thomas Creations will serve solely as YOUR personal self-publishing company.

At this time Thomas Creations do not handle the processing of Audio , E Books or hard cover books.