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Feleshia R. Mahoney- Thomas  

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 There is no" I "in Team. We are proud to introduce you to the team who have made "Thomas Creations" prominent!

Feleshia R. Mahoney-Thomas; Author, Publisher, Marketing Agent, Creator of cable show "Authors On The Rise" , "Girlfriend's Circle", "Meet The Author", "Gossiping About Books", "Stomping Out Illiteracy" and more.......

Feleshia R. Mahoney-Thomas; Author, Publisher, Marketing Agent, Creator of cable show "Authors On The Rise" 

Feleshia launched Thomas Creations in May 2006 when she started her own writing career from being her own publisher

Feleshia has sold 5,500 books to date. With seeing the struggles of other authors, Feleshia decided to open up her publishing company to other authors who deserved the same opportunities to succeed and bring good reading back to society.

Feleshia offers website assistance, referrals through editorial services, the chance to work with a reputable publicist and gain national exposure through various media channels (radio, TV, magazines, and book reviews that are published on Amazon)

Feleshia’s never ending opportunities does not end there; Thomas Creations is the creator of TV show "Authors On The Rise" where 16 authors were well promoted by taping 5 great shows that were aired on various cable channels, had the chance to air the show on their websites, spotlight on a well viewed website, and place books on our on line book store.1010am Stephanie Poplar of Celebrating Greatness Face to Face has featured several of Thomas Creations/Authors On The Rise authors on their show, and Thomas Creations is in communications with several magazine editors to join partnership.

Feleshia, marketing skills have taken her company many steps further, in 2014, she launched the new pitch TV show "Girlfriend's Circle" and has taken the show into the homes of many people where they gather family and friends to have some one on one girl time, with great food and chat. 

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Najja Wilborn- Dear Girlfriends Columnist/ Social Media Specialist

My name is Najja Wilborn, and I am currently a senior at University of Maryland Baltimore County, graduating this December with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a minor in Journalism. Writing has been my passion for as long I can remember. I have transitioned from writing short stories in the second grade to now working on my five year novel in progress along with a few pieces of poetry. I am excited to be writing for organizations that seek to be active in a cause. I have always possessed a strong desire to obtain a job or position that allowed me to make a difference, to positively influence the world in some way. The experiences of Thomas Creations will allow me to do just that by offering me the opportunity to give a voice to those who have been voiceless. I look forward to promoting the projects and goals of Thomas Creations through social media, so that the world can vividly see the societal issues that women face through my words and the company’s efforts.

Katherine Hayden- Jr. Editor

My name is Katherine Hayden but I prefer to go by Kat. I am 23 and have recently graduated from the University of Idaho with my Bachelors in English. I have loved books since I was young and decided to make a career out of it. I have lived in Idaho my entire life. I love to write and read in my spare time.

 I am excited to get started and learn everything I can. For the last five years, I have been working on my English degree so that I could edit books while I worked on my own. I took a class where my group created three documents for a non-profit. It's the closest experience I have to any type of work I would be doing with my degree.