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Feleshia R. Mahoney- Thomas  

CEO Feleshia R. Thomas

Ceo, Director of Author's Marketing, Publisher, Motivational Trainer, & Author Feleshia Thomas

Feleshia Rosalee Mahoney -Thomas was born 1968 the 4th day of May, in Brooklyn, NY. Feleshia was raised by her mother Lois Codlyn and her grandmother the late Triphenia A Facey. She grew up with her aunt Diana Facey and her uncle George Facey Jr.

 At the age of 10, she received the Dimes Savings Bank student of the year award along with an award in writing stories. At that time she knew she found her passion in putting words together and forming characters on paper bringing them to life.

In high school Feleshia would write plays and let her classmate read them and the more she wrote the more circulated around her classmates. Her gift for writing was well hidden until a teacher took interest read one of the plays and expressed her thoughts that maybe Feleshia should consider looking into journalism.

Feleshia, decided to put her writing on the back burner as her adult life started off as a wife, & mother. Starting a new with her husband John and daughter Margarite in Baltimore Md in 1988 and then beginning her career in the Administrative field.  As her family continue to grow with the birth of her second daughter Jaclynn and then third daughter Tiffany, Feleshia opt to assist her husband with his dreams on starting his company ?J.L. Thomas Mechanical Corporation? (currently known as ?Thomas & Thomas Home Improvement and 24 hour emergency maintenance) . Feleshia, quickly took on the administrative role in the company assisted with plumbing as instructed and took on the lead as the company financial advisor handling the majority of the budget and billing.

With John business growing, the girls involved in their own activities Feleshia decided it was time for her to reconsider her passion (writing). Feleshia sat down at her computer and wrote her first fictional book ?Booty Parlor?. After series of events in trying to get Booty Parlor published, Feleshia decide to start her own company ?Thomas Creations?. Where she would write, research her own publication, do her own marketing, and be in control of her own warehouse management.

Feleshia has published Girlfriends Circle, which has sold 5000 copies. The sequel Holla Back is next in line for publication, and the following books are waiting in the wing: Booty Parlor, 1025 Bloomsbury Street, Like Sisters, If, Phone Sex Operators, and pray fully remaking You?re On The Air With Foxy-Talk To Me along with On This Day (book of poetry with bible scriptures), and Broken.

Feleshia appeared at book signing at A Good Book, been guest author & facilitator for Metropolitan Church women?s day conference workshop/seminar, guest author for Page Turners Book Club, Reading For Greatness,  Women Encouraging Women, Sircles Organization, Stepping Out Book Club, Women With Voices, Rainy Day Reading Group, Divas by Day, and many more.

In 2009 Feleshia received Governors Citation Award, as well as an award in business. Feleshia key role was to assist entrepreneurs in business and promoting vending events to vendors looking for work; services that were performed as a free service. Along with conducting several charity events that helped the homeless and empower women in need, Feleshia main goal is to continue writing, establishing a skilled professional team to assist with her business and get more into community affairs.

As she launched Thomas Creations and went from Author, into the role of publisher,Director of Author's  marketing , motivational training coach she didnot stop there.  In 2010 Feleshia successfully created and assisted in the launch of cable TV show "Authors On The Rise". she has gained a better understanding for the literary world and the need to implement better reading materials into our society. Thomas motto and goal is ?Bringing reading back to society?.

It does not stop there, in 2014, Thomas Creations created and filmed pitch shows "Girlfriend's Circle", where we go from home, office, church, spas, and other women resources and hold "Girlfriend's Circle" gathering while taping our pitch shows to introduce to various cable networks.