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Feleshia R. Mahoney- Thomas  


Holla Back




Sistas, girlfriends, baby mommas with drama; you scream and you shout;

You don’t waste a minute telling the world what your issues is about.

It’s the boyz turn now to step up to the plate and set the record straight;

Stories you need to hear, stories you will appreciate.

Few brothers will come clean and confess;

A lot of brothers telling their stories to get their own issues off their chest.

Sistas, you stereotype us brothers because some brother done put you through hell;

Dismissing the good brothers for what ever reason and running to the low life, cheater, beaters

pimps, playa playas even the brothers that sell.

You catch you a playa give him your heart and he leave you hurt;

You go after your three strikes brother, heading in and out of prison, leaving you wondering if he gonna come back a

better man or some bitch in a skirt.

You get you a lazy lover, who want to be in control, but lack the drive to go get a job;

Running after your pretty boy that go after the woman out of your race and you walking around like you just got rob.

You go run out and get you a sugar daddy, of course you give him some and expect for him to pay a bill;

Let’s not forget your wanna be ganstas, he lavish you with the finest things, till he get himself kill.

You reach in the bottom of the barrel and pull out the dead beat daddy you lay down with who not giving you a dime

for the baby he making;

You chase after the boy in suburbs not knowing he on the D.L, home girl I got news for you, he only faking.

You grab on to the trouble brothers you think you gonna change, then he start acting strange.

Come on Sistas don’t judge the good men so hard, cut us some slack

Give the decent brothers a chance to HOLLA BACK………..

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