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Feleshia R. Mahoney- Thomas  


Girlfriend's Circle


Girlfriends if you don't ever remember who you are reflect back on these words and regroup We are GIRLFRIENDS sisters of all creed and color, belonging to one CIRCLE and we are defined in these words: Glorious, irreplaceable, remarkable, luxurious, fabulous, ravishing, intelligent, encouraging, nurturing, dynamic, superb, creators, immaculate, relevant, loving and enticing..... We are Girlfriends, we belong to the circle- we love each other for we love ourselves. In the circle you will find girlfriends who have a heartfelt story to tell, a story you may relate to. You will hear others speak out on topics that you are suffering with and have no one to talk to or family and friends you are afraid to discuss your issues with. Let me introduce you to a few of our girlfriends from our circle and their issues. Melissa- He failed to tell me he is married April- I don?t feel like a good parent Nanette-unhappy with who I am Charmaine- How many drinks is too much Sophie-Wanna Bees Kia-DNA Accuser Theresa-I created this mess Andrea- His secret was not on the DL it was buried Ursula- What are you running from Carmella-Epidemic of teenage homosexuality Testimonies of Girlfriends- Look how I turned around Dee- The death sentence Instead of enduring your pain any longer, STOP, take a minute and listen to what other women have endured in their lifetimes, maybe you are going through the same issue(s).



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